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DIG IN... our landscaping services! We specialize in excavation, land management, and a variety of landscaping techniques. We're here to transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis. Let us bring your dream exterior to life. Preview our previous projects by selecting the button under the category that best suits your landscaping needs below. 

Skid Steer Grading and shaping

Is your property in need of a transformation? Our excavation and skid steer services have got you covered! We have the expertise to level your yard, clear brush and debris, install or regrade your driveway, and offer small excavation and foundation prep. Let us handle the heavy lifting and create the landscape you've been envisioning!

Landscaping Project

Looking to enhance your landscape? Our specialty is creating wildlife-friendly backyards, diverse forests, and abundant food plots. Let us assist you in developing a management plan to elevate the quality of your property. Together we can cultivate a healthier and more vibrant outdoor space!

Chetek, Landscaping & excavation

From designing and building stunning retaining walls to adding or replacing stairways, flower beds, patio pavers and more, we'll enhance the value and beauty of your property. Our expertise in incorporating native plants, grasses, bushes and trees will create a vibrant and sustainable landscape you'll love.

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